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Silver Knights Focusing On Movement And Mindset In An Inaugural Season Unlike Any Other

The Henderson Silver Knights inaugural season has been anything but typical. From the condensed schedule that has allowed them to only face off against teams in their division, to the slew of COVID-19 related protocols and guidelines they need to work within, the team has needed to get creative to keep players in the best possible shape mentally and physically.

One person they’ve turned to is Allie Bendus from Moto Athletic, a company that helps athletes improve performance and optimize flow in sport and daily life. Their programs focus on movement, mindset and natural rhythms to help athletes bring their A-game every day, which is more important than ever with this season’s jam-packed schedule. Most importantly, she’s been able to conduct all of her training sessions with the Silver Knights over Zoom this season to ensure everyone is staying healthy and safe.

Keep reading to learn about some of Allie and Moto Athletic’s training methods that she’s used with the Silver Knights! 


HSK: Where did the idea of Moto Athletic come from?

AB: The idea for Moto came during the pandemic. I had been doing training, research and development work with athletes and teams over the past eight years – but didn’t focus much on the business side of things as I just wanted to dedicate myself to coaching and learning as much as I could. When the pandemic hit, I had to transition everything online so decided it was time to grow and get outside my comfort zone to create Moto.

Moto means movement and that’s at the core of what we do in terms of our programs and overall philosophy of the company. One of the things I’ve learned over the years is no matter what challenges or adversity we might face in life, we just need to find ways to keep moving forward. And that’s what Moto is about.

HSK: What services does Moto Athletic offer? 

AB: Moto offers training, research and development programs that help athletes maximize potential, improve performance and optimize flow in sport and daily life. All of our training and programs are customized to make sure we are getting the best possible results.

In terms of the training, we offer both an athletic movement and a mindset program.

Our R&D program is more comprehensive athletic development and includes movement, mindset as well as additional research support and resources that help athletes be their best and whatever they might need in their journey along the way.

HSK: How did you start working with pro teams like the Henderson Silver Knights?

AB: I was a competitive athlete growing up (figure skater until I was 15 and then transitioned to running) and always really passionate about all things related to the body, mind, movement, and how athletes develop and perform optimally in their sport. My sister Vicki also played hockey for the Women’s National Team, so I was constantly in high performance environments working, training and learning as much as I could.

There wasn’t a ton of focus being placed on movement or mindset at the time, so I started creating my own training programs and sharing them with athletes. Things just sort took off from there through word of mouth. I kept working hard at it and started getting referred to train different pro teams so after I graduated law school decided to follow this new path and see where it took me.

HSK: What has it been like developing relationships with and training athletes over Zoom during a pandemic?

AB: It’s definitely been different. I’m someone who really loves being at the training/practice facility and the energy of coaching athletes and teams in person. I feel like there is an added disconnect that can come with doing things through Zoom, but you just need to find ways to adapt and do the best you can.

At the same time, being online has provided me with a lot of new opportunities to grow and more accessibility to athletes and teams all over the world that I get to work with now.  And for that I am grateful.

HSK: Any funny stories from an HSK training session?

AB: There’s been a few tech glitches here and there. One session we had after practice one of the guys was a bit late joining in. I was so focused and locked into what we were doing that I didn’t notice when the notification popped up on the screen that he was trying to join. He was waiting for a bit and ended having to text one of the other guys in the session who then had to tell me he was trying to get in. I felt terrible! But then it was kind of funny afterwards. The guys have been great!

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