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Defenseman Dysin Mayo and goaltender Isaiah Saville honored teachers at Mater East Las Vegas on Friday, May 12, as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Both the Henderson Silver Knights and the Vegas Knight Hawks, who visited Fay Galloway Elementary School and Newton Elementary earlier in the week, honored all that teachers do for their schools and their communities.

Mayo and Saville brought Texas Roadhouse rolls and butter to the teachers’ lounges for the entire staff and presented five selected teachers with gift baskets to thank them for their contributions.

The team honored Giovanni Lazzarotto, Ashley Posey, Jon Monga, Angela Wilke, and Julia Temple for their contributions to Mater East Las Vegas, as well as to the wider Las Vegas and Henderson communities.

Both players felt it was important to recognize how important teachers are in shaping the cities they call home, as well as the influence that teachers have had on their own lives.

“Growing up, I had so many amazing teachers. I wouldn’t be here without many of them, with the impact that they had on my life. It’s so important to show appreciation for all they do,” said Saville.

“You spend so much time in school growing up, and they’re a big component to how you’re raised, alongside your parents. People may not realize how important teachers are, and how they shape you into the person that you become.”

Jon Monga’s dedication to Mater East Las Vegas particularly resonated with Mayo and Saville as professional athletes. Monga, who serves as both the school’s health teacher and the coach of several of its sports teams, has made it his mission to bring healthy and balanced living to the school’s community.

“I think it’s important for teachers to be around and show kids at an early age how important it is to be active and stay healthy,” said Mayo.

“It goes a long way in your life. We have a few teachers on my wife’s side of the family, so I know how much effort they put into their jobs. It’s not always a job that they get a lot of thanks for, so it’s important to recognize the effort that they put in daily.”

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