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In medieval civilization, the armored warhorse was synonymous with strength, endurance and fearlessness during battle. The armored warhorse helped establish knights as the undisputed epitome of the warrior class. 

The knight on horseback is one of the most intimidating symbols of its time. A truly fearsome opponent, the knight on horseback embraced the mentality of always advancing and never retreating. 

The horse played a vital role in a knight’s quest to become elite, assisting in the knight’s training, skill advancement and overall development. As the primary affiliate of the Vegas Golden Knights, the Henderson Silver Knights hold an identical position: Assisting in every aspect of the knight’s quest to become an elite warrior. 

The Logo

If you look closely, you’ll see that the horse’s armor in the primary logo creates the letter “H” for Henderson. We are proud to be the first pro sports team to call Henderson home and our team will wear the emblem with honor.

The golden eyes pay homage to the parent club in Vegas. The eyes of the Silver Knights are always focused on advancing to the level of the Golden Knights.

There are 20 links of chainmail and 21 rivets on the horse’s armor, which represent the team’s inaugural 20-21 season.

logo description
nevada homeage

Flanking the Henderson Silver Knights wordmark are silver and golden spurs. The spur was gifted to the knight when he gained knighthood and was used to drive the warhorse forward into battle.

Known as the Silver State, Nevada is home to the largest wild horse population in the United States. Both of these facts are referenced on the back of the state quarter. 

The three primary colors of the Henderson Silver Knights are silver, gold and black.

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