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Every successful team needs a fearless leader for guidance. The Henderson Silver Knights found just that in their new Silver Knight, Lady Elaine. Lady Elaine sets a tone for the team with her determined persona, resulting from the challenges her character has overcome.

As an individual outside of House Henderson, Lady Elaine has goals not only to encourage the ambition of the HSK, but to also empower anyone watching her. The fierce yet friendly character is breaking the status quo as she strives to lead the Knights to victory.

Beginning her journey towards Henderson’s land as just a child, Lady Elaine was supplied with only her sword, shield, steed and skates. The young voyager knew not where she was going and was rusty in defense skills until she came upon the Vegas Golden Knight himself. The Golden Knight taught the young Lady Elaine the footwork and hand-eye coordination necessary to defend herself as the strong natural leader that he saw was within her. With the skills and knowledge acquired from the Golden Knight’s help, Lady Elaine continued to travel and train. She took to heart her mentor’s honorable and virtuous guidance.

While determined, the Silver Knight still grew tired from the travels and training. Before halting her journey, however, she thought back to one of the key messages the Golden Knight had taught. “Always advance,” he told her. “Never retreat.”

As she continued to grow into knighthood, the Silver Knight would display many of the hardy qualities of her one-time mentor. With that knowledge and her own internal grit, she became a protector of the unprotected. Henderson eventually became Lady Elaine’s stronghold as she grew passionately loyal to its land and community.

Meanwhile, the Silver Knight grew strong enough to fend off companies and overpower those who underestimate her. She became wise, with knowledge of everything from battle strategies to castle architecture to forechecking schemes. The Silver Knight is skilled, as a rider and a fighter, quick on her feet and deft with her sword. Lady Elaine is humble and courteous, a gracious and welcoming host to all. Yet perhaps most importantly, the Silver Knight never backs down from a foe whether they arrive by air (Condors, Eagles, Gulls), sea (Barracuda), or land (Roadrunners, Canucks, Reign).

As the Henderson Silver Knights made their way to their new home at The Dollar Loan Center, they came upon the Silver Knight herself. Lady Elaine welcomed the Henderson order and offered them protection, wares, and provisions. She promised to house them for the rest of their campaign and long into the future.

Shortly after establishing herself in House Henderson and becoming familiar with her significant role, Lady Elaine spoke of its significance.

“I think this is one of the very few female-depicted characters, mascots or figureheads in professional sports,” Lady Elaine shared. “And you know, we’re starting to see some of those stronger female-driven stories in movies and TV, but to bring it to this arena and professional sports is really special and impactful.

“Even for young boys, for girls, and for adults, it’s great to see a female being strong and representing,” she added. “It’s time to see a woman in this type of role.”

Lady Elaine said she enters each game hoping to get fans excited and empowered, and she wants them to have fun with the experience at The Dollar Loan Center. The Silver Knight is having fun with her role and is excited to see what more she can do with it.

With the platform she has and the ability to work as a part of an AHL team, Lady Elaine is challenging norms and exciting fans with every appearance. It’s no surprise that the Henderson Silver Knights and the Henderson community have welcomed their valiant protector, Lady Elaine.

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